Calories in Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher

Calories in Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher: There is no better way to represent Pittsburgh than with the Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher. Its distinctive flavor combination of grilled beef, cheese, coleslaw, and french fries has won over the hearts and stomachs of both natives and tourists.

However, for individuals watching their calorie intake, it’s crucial to know what exactly is in this delectable concoction. This article will examine the “Calories in Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher”.

The Classic Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher

Primanti Brothers’ original Pittsburgher sandwich is an American icon. Sandwiched between two slices of Italian bread are grilled meat (usually beef or pastrami), provolone cheese, hand-cut coleslaw, fresh tomatoes, and, in a twist, french fries.

The exact number of calories in a classic Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher may vary depending on the exact ingredients and the size of the serving, but it typically ranges from 800 to 900. This pleasant but decadent option has a high-calorie count because of the plentiful beef, cheese, and fries.

The Impact of Meat

The meat in a Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher is a major source of the sandwich’s calories. Beef or pastrami, two high-calorie meats commonly used in the traditional form, are two of the main culprits. About 200–250 calories can be found in a serving of grilled beef, whereas pastrami can have a few more. Although the protein level is helpful, those managing their calorie intake should be wary of the high calorie count.

Cheese and Coleslaw

The Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher is elevated to new heights by the use of melted provolone cheese. But it also adds to the calorie count. Depending on the brand and thickness, a single slice of provolone cheese can range in calories from 70 to 100.

Despite its refreshing crunch, coleslaw can add extra calories to a sandwich if it is dressed with mayo or another high-calorie dressing. It’s worth noting that these tasty additions raise the sandwich’s total amount of saturated fat.

French Fries: The Unexpected Twist

The Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher’s signature french fry topping is what sets it unique from other sandwiches. These crispy potato treats are what gives this sandwich its signature taste and crunch. The calorie count, however, skyrockets as a result.

Depending on the preparation and seasoning, a medium dish of french fries might have anywhere from 300 to 400 calories. Remember that the Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher often comes with a large side of fries, which significantly increases the calorie count.


There’s no denying that the Pittsburgher from Primanti Brothers is a delectable culinary masterpiece that has won over countless palates.

But if you’re watching your calorie consumption, it’s important to know how many calories are in it. The traditional Primanti Brothers Pittsburgher, with an average calorie count between 800 and 900, is a hearty lunch that should be consumed sparingly.

Knowing the effects of the meat, cheese, coleslaw, and french fries that go into this classic sandwich allows consumers to make educated decisions about how to incorporate it into their diets. Keep in mind that moderation and balance are key when indulging.

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